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CAT. NO. Dimensions
Available in many modifications, colors and finishes
CT-3612 36" x 12"
Arco Precast Concrete Cantilevered  Treads
CT-4212 42" x 12"
CT-4412 44" x 12"
CT-4812 48" x 12"
CT-6012" 60" x 12"


CAT. NO. Dimensions
Various Models Available. Also available in 12" width.
ST-3611 36" x 11"
Arco Precast Concrete Dura-Treads
ST-3811 38" x 11"
ST-4011 40" x 11"
ST-4211 42" x 11"
ST-4411 44" x 11"
ST-4611 46" x 11"
ST-4811 48" x 11"


Platforms can be made to your specifications in virtually any size, shape or configuration.

Expertly cast with reinforced, high-strength concrete, Unit Step is one of the strongest steps made. Practical and pleasing designs enhance any building entrance and improve property values. A Unit Step is a durable, safe and beautiful addition to any home, mobile home or commercial building. Available in different heights (number of steps) and with decking size options. Unit Steps are manufactured in our plant to exact measurements and are properly cured to a smooth, pearl-like finish for unmatched beauty and a lifetime of no maintenance.
Arco Precast Concrete Unit Step

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